Convergence of reality

While I think there are several good points floating around concerning the unique roles of science v. other explorations of truth, I am all but convinced that there has got to be a continuity that demands that they are consistent. Essentially, I am not saying that God cannot break the physical law in which we live; rather I tend to believe that God would not choose to. (I tend to think God has the choices that we think we have – there’s another whole volume of discussion, I am afraid.)

I have no basis for believing this except that, like Nathan mentioned, I favor consistency (and symmetry and simplicity, in case you’re curious) and believe consistency to be one of the tenets by which the natural world in which we live operates.

So coming from a physics background, we talk a lot about grand unified (physical) theories. If Lincoln is correct in there being multiple authorities, what happens at their interface?

And I have yet to see overwhelming inconsistencies ……. (please note that I am as wary of saying that as you are reading it)

At the end of the day, there’s more than a non-zero probability that exists that we’re all wrong, anyhow. 🙂 Fun conversation.


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