Inherent Biases (and cancer causing, world destroying cell phone towers)

So it’s a well known fact that cell phones and cell phone towers, along with good ol’ wireless internet and other wireless technologies have a long term effect on fertility and various human cancers. Right?

Well, half of the people reading that statement might not give it a second thought, because that’s what they already believe. Another half would point out studies such as the one cited here that somehow say exactly the contrary. In fact, depending on whom you ask, cell phones and related technology are apparently not dangerous to human health. However, some will also claim that cell phones can contribute plenty to situations harmful to human health.

Admittedly, I do not know the scientific rigor/literature very well. But I do feel that it’s an extremely complicated issue that cannot be resolved adequately for my mind even within 4 year and related studies. The human body is and always will be complex and subject to several factors. Thus studies such as these need to be highly controlled and rather large, two conditions which are difficult to satisfy in human subjects.

Regardless, the one thing that struck me in the Mitsubishi study cited in Macworld, was the source of the funding. The entire project was funded by three cellular phone companies, who clearly have a vested interest in the outcome.

Now this does not automatically mean that the results are biased or that the study was conducted improperly, but it should definitely raise some flags, and it’s certainly reminiscent of Big Tobacco’s courtship of science, as well.


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