Linux in a production environment

So the tools of the trade include some kind of reasonably modern computing device. I’ve been a Mac OS X user since its inception, after having been a Certifiable Mac Hater for years and years prior to that. To think how adamantly I defended Windows 3.1 and then Win98 back in the day ….

Anyhow, I’ve been a Debian user for a few misguided years of self torture in performing otherwise pedestrian tasks — such was the state of Linux just a few short years ago, especially for PPC architecture. I chose Debian at the time though because of its (arguably) superior package handling system apt-get, which I still use today in the form of Fink and now with Ubuntu.

The beauty of Ubuntu lies in its large user base and support resources. It is the first modern operating system I’ve seen even approach challenging Mac OS X, which continues to be the standard as far as I’m concerned regarding security, interface, and software programming technologies. Anyway, Ubuntu’s user base is large enough on my Intel Mac hardware to have plenty of people interested in solving each and every problem I have encountered. Help has been a quick search away in every instance, with probably 80 – 90% of the functionality of its Mac OS X counterpart.

The benefits above Mac OS X include the speed with which I can write, process, and run MATLAB code, primarily, though MATLAB for Mac Intel is catching up quickly and is going to be THE killer Leopard feature on the front end, at least for me. 🙂

Today was my first full day using Ubuntu in my current production environment, and by and large it was seamless, fast, and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Quite a long way Linux has come — not bad at all.


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