Concerns about Obama

I’m not going to agree with everything that Barack Obama does. If elected president, he will make mistakes. Make no mistake about it.

Though I think he is the best direction for our country currently, I think there are particular issues that the nation will be watching. Of course, Iraq and our economy are serious issues with no clear, immediate solution. Energy, foreign policy, etc. etc. are not going to be solved overnight, and probably not within any given presidential term (or two). (These are issues that can be ruined a lot faster than they can be solved.)

My first concern is redistribution of government spending. Obama has said that he will go line by line through the federal budget to reevaluate various programs. It’s a good idea, and I bet a lot of money can be “uncovered” this way. Re-distribution of military efforts in the Middle East is also a central way of finding funds that are currently being squandered.

To pay for programs like health care, education, and basic science research, a lot of money will need to be found, and I’m no expert on how this might occur.

My second primary concern is the Supreme Court. Currently, some 5 or 6 of the 9 sitting SC justices are over 70 years old, nearing retirement. This means that the next president could conceivably have a majority of judicial nominees and change the direction of the court significantly. This is a complicated and delicate process, and I’m confident in the confirmation process in general, but this is still a major responsibility.

The only evidence I could find for Obama with respect to SC nominees was a statement that he made in which he stated that his primary criteria would be empathy — someone who understood the position of, say, a single mother or minorities. This concerns me, because it isn’t much of a position. It’s certainly not Constructionist, and at its worst it can be extrapolated reasonably to judicial activism. I do have some trust that Obama, having graduated from Harvard Law (and Editor of the Harvard Law Review), would pick capable candidates. However, it’s something to watch carefully, especially if the Democrats get a majority in both branches of the legislature.


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