Consider the universe as a point …

Consider A Spherical Cow is a new blag that I’m hoping stimulates conversation about things that are on my mind. In the finite time of our lives, I’m hoping to engage more and more folks in meaningful dialogue. For those whom I know, I’m always happy to talk in person.

Who am I? I am a Christian pursuing my Ph.D. in computational neuroscience who is interested in music, science, fruit, constitutional law, running, and other sports such as football (soccer). And strangely, I don’t believe that tells you almost anything about who I am.

Again, I welcome conversation. Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

By the way, the name of this blag comes from an old joke from physics, in which one takes a complex object like a cow (or an atom, etc.) and considers spherical, to a first approximation. The thoughts contained here are taken to a first approximation. Math geeks can think of this blag as O1, perhaps.