Vote on Tuesday

Make your voice heard. It is imperative that, if you are registered to vote, you should vote in the upcoming presidential, congressional, and local elections. Recall that it is a right that, until 1920, was not even one universally granted to women in the United States of America. African American men have been subject to 3/5 of a vote laws, and at one point only property owners had the right. Poll taxes and literacy exams — all of these things are gone. The citizens of this country have had to fight long and hard, up through modern times, to ensure that citizens are given their chance to have their voice heard, even if it’s in this way. Don’t take it for granted!

I believe that everyone has the fundamental right to vote. If you are voting against me, that’s fine, too. But please have a good reason why you want to vote for a particular candidate. A social issue, a special policy.You flaunt your right to complain when you do not vote!


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