On the ballot in Massachusetts

There are three statewide ballot questions on the agenda for tomorrow for MA. Voter information can be found all over the web and at this link. I’m not an expert on any of these issues, unfortunately, but I’ve tried to think about them a bit.

Question 1: State income tax. I think that, at this time of economic restraint at all levels of finance, it’s not the time to abolish state income tax. One friend of mine brought up a very good point that it’s unclear that the money is really being used properly. But there’s a good chance that some portion of it is, and I think that we’re already on the verge of major cutbacks in basic services such as police and fire, so even though I am directly affected by this measure, I think my small time needs are far trumped by greater good.

Question 2: Marijuana. Decriminalization of small quantities of marijuana. I think police have better things to spend their time and resources on. I haven’t seen any good evidence regarding the effect of marijuana on public safety, so it’s tough to comment.

Question 3: Dog racing. I have a very peculiar policy toward animals, from religious and scientific perspectives (and humane ones). I hear (and am not surprised) that dogs are often treated poorly in these environments. I do not know what portion of our tax revenue comes from these activities, but I think we can get along without it.

Regardless of position on these issues, I’d like to think it’s a privilege to have the ability to think about them and have a vote, so I take that responsibility seriously.


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