Performing my civic duty

I entered the food preparation area of a local high school in my area, with no sign or indication that any voting was taking place. A few students went to their lockers in the hallway nearby, while some people in the back pushed around large metal carts, with smells that brought back fond memories of high school cafeterias. It took an inquiry to the assistant principal, whose office I eventually wandered into, to redirect me to the voting area out back. By the way, it was way too easy for a stranger to wander into that school so far from the voting.

Finally I came upon the voting area, only to be redirected out the door and around an entire side of the school, where an amusement park style line awaited. I sheepishly found the end of the line, behind some parked cars, and began the waiting.

Luckily voting is apparently less time consuming than a 90 second thrill ride of your life, and I passed the time by chatting up some local college students whose voting pattern seemed to mirror my own (No on 1, Yes on 2 and 3). Of course, voting at the same place invariably means that you live in close proximity to one another, so it turns out that they were also my neighbors, as I announced my address on several occasions for reminders on my voting ward and precinct. I half expect to see some disgruntled dog racer or bookie at my front door in the coming days. As long as it’s not Brick Top, I’ll be fine.

And so, I voted. Number 261. I opted for the privacy envelope, mostly because the woman would have asked me two or three more times if I hadn’t. I filled in the circles more carefully on this ballot than ever, and I really, really hope I marked ‘E’ for president/vice president. Come to think about it, I really, really hope that was a No. 2 pencil.


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