Poster creation in LaTeX

It’s conference time, and this means poster creation. Like many who are in mathematical fields (I’m more closely at the boundary), \LaTeX is a typesetting system that, among many other things, allows for easy and professional creation of equations in documents. It can also be used to create posters and presentations. I found a great site today in my search for the shortest path to poster creation, and I found this wonderful resource that, unlike most LaTeX tutorials, is easy to follow and pretty much self-contained:

Andreas Jung

By the way, WordPress (this blag’s host) is insanely cool. It allows typesetting of \LaTeX equations on the fly – a thing of beauty! And so I’ll leave you with the FHN model:

\dot{V} = V - \frac{V^3}{3} - W + I \\ \dot{W} = 0.08 \cdot \left(V + 0.7 -0.8W\right)


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