Life 101

Before we were dumb adults, we were dumb kids. As dumb young adults, however, we’ve had to learn about a lot of adult-stuff, like cooking for ourselves, personal finance and taxes, health insurance, home buying, etc., and most of us knew next to nothing about these things, even though they are issues that most of us will deal with at some point in time. I’ve had acute experiences with all of these things recently, and I’ve learned a great deal about them. What’s surprising to me is that someone allowed me to pass high school, let alone college, without really having a good understanding of all of these things. While I’m certainly responsible for not knowing these things, I still think it’s a big hole in our education systems to properly teach nutrition and personal finance.

These are topics that should be in all high schools. Ok, so health class does exist, but I recall it being somewhat of a joke in the face of square pizza day. I feel like we could cut off a lot of future health issues in this country (coronary events, obesity, type 2 diabetes) if we at least got the right information out there about sodium intake and caloric excess.

With respect to personal finance, the number of young persons with unmanageable credit card debit is insane. It’s clearly enough of a problem in this country that it needs to be addressed on more of an epidemic level. I think this should be addressed publicly in schools as well.

While I think that the learning by living is useful and character building, blah blah, I think that there’s a level of unnecessary suffering going on with respect to these issues. We don’t have to make the mistakes of massive early debt and poor health to know the consequences of it.


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