Three days running

I’ve been logging my miles on Runner’s World’s excellent training log tool since June 15 of this year. It’s been really fun to watch the progression and log miles on shoes and calculate routes and times, etc. etc. The last couple of months, I’ve had more of an intuitive feel and have not felt the need to keep up with it as consistently (the logging, not the running!). Looking back, some statistics that I found interesting:

–Since June 15, I’ve run a total of approximately 3 days and 8 hours.
–I’ve logged a total of 572.2 miles in that time.
–That’s an approximate pace of 8.4 minutes per mile.
–My monthly high was in August, when I ran 132.9 miles. That only works out to 4.3 miles a day, each day that month!
–The longest break I took in there from running was about 2.5 weeks, when I was injured.
–My greatest 7-day mileage total was 80 miles.


One thought on “Three days running

  1. Dean


    Hope you are still running! Thanks for visiting my site. Tell your friends (and enemies) all about it.

    I’ve enjoyed poking around your blog. good stuff.

    – Dean

    (your blog viewed on Safari with a delightfully powerful MacPro)

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