xkcd maps for iConquer

Online Communities xkcd
iConquer is a Risk-like game of world domination. xkcd is a comic that makes geeks giggle. It turns out that you can create your own maps for iConquer, and I thought that xkcd had two very good candidates for likely maps: Online Communities and Map of the Internet. Imagine taking Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo! and playing out that fantasy that Sergei and Larry swore would never happen.
Map of the Internet
While this notion takes two seconds to conjure, the implementation of the idea would take far longer, which is why this is my call to the Internet to help. If I make a plea on a personal blog with just four readers, do I really get heard?

Here are some resources. The maps are linked above at xkcd. The iConquer folks (KavaSoft) have a nice developer’s page as well.


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