Dream job post

I was looking at job offerings and came across a post for a neurobiophysicist. Because it contained both the roots “neuro” and “biophysics,” my interest was piqued, since I’ve never heard of anyone referred to by this compounded title. It turns out that I’m apparently training to be a neurobiophysicist, and despite the location of the position (San Antonio, Texas), I am very intrigued by the job post. My hope is that other academic places are looking for someone who fits this description (emphasis added):

We seek to recruit a vigorous academic with an established track-record of research in the broad area of the physics of neurobiological processes. This might be anyone from a “patch clamper” to a computational biophysicist to someone studying signal transduction mechanisms but not necessarily limited to these examples. Trinity University has secured funds to endow the position and provide continuing funding for the position after our HHMI award expires. This professorship will be at the level of full professor. The position comes with a dedicated half-time support staff position, discretionary funds, and a reduced teaching load (6 rather than 9 contact hours per semester).

This position will be an appointment in the Department of Physics, providing some support to introductory physics courses, a course in biophysics (suitable for both physics and neuroscience majors), and a course in the faculty member’s specific area of expertise (specifically supporting neuroscience majors) in the teaching repertoire. In addition, the person hired in the position will maintain a vigorous research program that will engage undergraduate student researchers. The neuroscience major requires independent research as a culminating experience for the degree. Further details about the position are available in the position announcement.

The position will also work with faculty from biology, chemistry, and psychology in supporting the neuroscience major. This interdisciplinary major was established in 2005 with funding from our 2004 HHMI award. Through a combination and retirement and this HHMI-funded neurobiophysicist position, the neuroscience program will be expanded and redefined. In addition to this position, we will be hiring a cognitive scientist in Psychology and an animal behaviorist in Biology to support the neuroscience program.

It’s so accurately describes what I am interested in (and doing) because of aspects of combining computational approaches with electrophysiological techniques. Additionally, the appointment is in a physics department (my undergraduate degree is in physics), with teaching duties in both neuroscience and physics. I’m pretty far from doing a job search, but here’s to hoping positions like this become more common by the time I graduate!


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