The Boston Celtics’ clever play?

So since the All-Star break, the Boston Celtics have been performing poorly. The loss of our power forward Kevin Garnett to injury, along with a huge string of other important injuries, has made the second half of our season especially striking compared with the beginning, where we set records for best opening season for the C’s.

Concurrently, the LeBron James Team, also known as the Cleveland Cavaliers, have been on a tear, and they’re likely going to tie the Celtics for best home record ever at 40-1. Ok, it’s not entirely fair to call the Cavs by His Highness, but it’s not far off. We are not amused.

The Cavs recently routed my fair team. I didn’t watch because the outcome was inevitable. They are at the top of their game while we are near the bottom of ours. But I do have a theory that explains this, at least in part. It’s no secret that we lost home court advantage and the top division spot. In actuality, that’s been going on for the second half of the season. So allowing KG et al. to fully recover makes perfect sense. Additionally, I think Head Coach Doc Rivers may be making a very smart play, by treating the regular season game with the Cavs as completely unimportant. After all, it’s weighted by the numbers just like any other game in the season. It’s the playoffs that matter, and when the time comes, I expect the C’s to bring it all. I’d be disappointed any other way. The cleverness here is that this could also inspire a touch of overconfidence in the Cavs — save for the all important LeBron, who I think has enough respect and desire to carry, well, an entire team. Nevertheless, we can’t measure the C’s most recent performance as indicative of their playoff possibilities. While I actually think that this may well be LeBron’s year, the playoffs ain’t gonna be pretty.


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