Forty mile week

I just logged my first forty mile week in a very long time. I’ve been out due to injury pretty much all winter, which took its toll mentally and physically. While I’ve run here and there, it’s really been no more than 20 miles per week in the weeks that I ran. My last forty mile weeks were one week in October, once in September, and three times in August, which is the last time I was feeling really strong before I overtrained. So this is me, being deliberate about continuing around 30-40 miles per week until the middle of June. I’m planning on limiting my long runs to 10 miles or less for now. Once I am doing 10 miles comfortably around an 8:10 or 8:20 pace, I think I will then try and up the mileage to the half-marathon and try that at 8:30. This would put me right around 1:51 (H:MM) for the half-marathon, which is not an unreasonable goal.

My 8-mile route this morning took me to three ponds in Jamaica Plain, a Boston neighborhood. It was a beautiful run, around 11 C and sunny, and about 3 of the miles were trails or non-pavement of some kind. Here’s a map of the run:



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