The BC run

I’ve been kind of thinking about my Boston College (BC) run all week actually. It’s west from where I live and far west of where I end up (gym for post run stuff), so I don’t run it that often. The nice thing about the run is that it has it all a city run can offer — hills, the reservoir, beautiful old architecture, etc. BC has a beautiful small campus feeling, one I miss from my undergraduate days, and one that some of the other schools in Boston (you know who you are) certainly don’t have. Anyway, the total distance this morning, in 94% humidity, was 7.62 miles, which took me 1:01:23. When I stopped, I had steam rising from my shoulders, and I’m not going to lie, it makes you feel like a bad ass. Not a bad run to start the day. Here’s the route:

look, water!


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