Twenty nine degrees, sixteen minutes

No, this isn’t a coordinate. This is the tale of today’s long run. When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is, where should I go today? Today I decided to run at an average heart rate (HR) of 165, which is a very slow run that enables me to go reasonably far. I decided to go check out Fresh Pond up in Cambridge and also Tufts University. I scribbled some basic directions on a little business card and tucked it underneath my watch as I left my apartment. Despite having taken yesterday off from running, I traveled and spent the day in the sun and was pretty worn out and in need of some rest. But the allure of Fresh Pond was enough to get me out on the road. I was expecting to log around 14 miles or so and was hoping to reclaim my sub-9 minute pace like last week’s 14 miler. However, that run was at 50 F, while it was almost 30 degrees F warmer today. The metabolic demand on the body in greater heat is huge, and an HR of 165 just isn’t as efficient. While I thought about increasing the average HR to around 170, I decided to continue at 165 at the expense of pace. At the end of the day, it cost about a minute per mile, though this run ended up at over 16 miles. It’s not quite the longest run I’ve ever done (20 mi), but it was definitely the best feeling long run. I feel like I had the legs for certainly four more, though the ten needed to make a marathon seemed completely impossible.

For those who know the area, I made my way up North Harvard to Memorial Drive and went out to Fresh Pond Parkway. That road leads to the pond, which has a path that encircles it. I exited at Concord Ave around Alewife Parkway, which took me to Tufts. I took some kind of Powderhouse (?) road through Tufts and ended up on College Ave. I turned on Elm Street to go toward Porter Square and took Mass Ave down through Harvard and to the Charles River. At the river, I went to the Salt and Pepper Shaker bridge and back down the river before ending up at my gym. Here’s the route:



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