The Elvis run

It’s not quite the same as a posthumous Elvis sighting, but I was pretty excited to have seen Bill Rodgers hanging out at Jamaica Pond this morning. I kind of waved as I ran by, and he said, “Well, good morning!” It seemed plausible enough to me, until I talked to his brother down at their store, who said it was highly unlikely. I wonder how many nuts call him about Bill Rodgers sightings in Boston. Well, it’s n+1 now.

I broke in my new trail shoes (NB 1110) today on the road and down on the trails near the Three Ponds. I think they broke in some on the roads finally, which was good because they were slightly stiff starting out. All told, about nine beautiful miles this morning at 68 F. The route:



One thought on “The Elvis run

  1. indian in car

    Anekdootteja mutta:-Kaksi kertaa kokeillut sitä vihreää Activiaa ->kovimmat vatsakivut vuosikausiin molemmilla kerroilla-Valion Olo jogurtti-kokeilu ->ripuli.Jälkimmäinen on toistamati mutta vihreisiin jugurtteihin en koske pitkällä tikullakaan.YLen ohjelma meni mönkään sukuloinnin takia mutta ehdin kuulla "ohjelmassa väitetään" erikoisen verbin kuuluttajalta.(Vaikutelma : emme mekään tähän ihan usko tai emme seiso takana varomisklausuuli).

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