FIFA Confederations Cup 09: Spain v. South Africa Preview

Despite facing a brick house United States defense in their semifinal game and being unlucky in their major missed opportunities, Spain still have plenty of pride and ability to spare on the third place matchup against South Africa. There is no indication that Spain will not take this game seriously, and South Africa will have to step up their mediocre performance against the underperforming Brasilian team if they wish to stave off embarrassment tomorrow morning. South Africa made one deadly mistake against Brasil that led to the late, deadly strike from Dani Alves, and I think that many similar mistakes in their game just showcase their relative immaturity at this stage of international football. Their offense was not well composed and fired off useless shots from long range that did not even test Brasilian Goalkeeper Julio Cesar. I think the strong Spanish side will find their rhythm once again and handily dismantle the young hosts.

Spain 3 :: 0 South Africa


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