Passed by a cyclist and a car full of girls

I’ve been chasing women all my life. In fact, on foot, no less. My parents love to tell me the story of Hazel, the girl whom I chased on the playground in first grade, who apparently told me, “I’m sick and tired of you!” Strangely, all other pursuits in my life, in High Fidelity style, have been just a twisted, grown up version of that story. Nevertheless, there’s something about a carrot dangling from a string that this rabbit can’t help but chase.

Today’s run took me into the hills of Brighton and Newton, MA, for 10.3 miles, before finally ascending Summit Ave hill and returning home. Right around the peak of Outlook Park at the top of Summit Ave, a friendly (and cute) cyclist passed me with a greeting, which was plenty to help me finish the hill strong. Thanks Friendly Cyclist. (This sounds ominously like the beginning of a Craigslist missed connection ….) On the short, steeply downhill jaunt home, I passed an intersection that had a car waiting for me to cross. I gave them my standard samba greeting and passed in front. The four women in the car the proceeded to turn onto the street in my direction, laughing hysterically and mimicking my greeting. They were rubbernecking to get a glimpse at the drenched running fool and took the same turn, seeming to get great pleasure from all of this, which I found hilarious at the end of a great run.

The run today is my second favorite Boston hills run. There are a few good, steep climbs, but there are a lot of long, steady climbs as well. Each has its own allure. The steep climbs are all about power, while the steady climbs require some calculated endurance. When they are in quick series, it’s a pretty grueling climb.


Here’s the elevation profile:


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