Repurposing Sept 1

September 1 is a special day in Boston. It’s Moving Day. More aptly, it’s the biggest mess of frantic young, new residents to our fair city who are desperately trying to move in or move around the city. Nearly every single lease turns over on Sept 1, so this affects a large part of the renter population in Boston (most of us). It’s the day on which Uhauls are parked haphazardly onto curbs and every minor artery is clogged with cars with mattresses strapped to the roofs, invariably with the passenger’s hand clinging for dear life to the mattress to ensure that it doesn’t end up as roadkill for the local buses. The Ridiculousness That Is Sept 1 actually begins the night before and extends well into the late evening, and so it is a day when, as a person who stays put, it’s just best not to go outside.

However, I want to repurpose the Dreaded Moving Day into something that some of us who are less crazy on Sept 1 can enjoy, while allowing us to move about our daily lives and yet avoid the traffic conditions that are worse than on Red Sox playoff game days near Fenway. I propose that today is Running Commute day, on which runners and non-runners alike can run to work in Boston. It could be that I am the first and only celebrant of this wonderful holiday, complete with baby wipes and deodorant, but from now on in Boston, this is how I will celebrate the madness that is Sept 1. While my strategy in past years was to hide in my apartment like a frightened turtle inside its shell, I will hide no longer! I will run to work. Dear reader(s), you are welcome to join.

Happy Running Commute Day!


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