The kilomile

A lot of runners chase the 1,000 miles per year distinction. It’s kind of a nice, round number, so it’s a fun goal to aspire to. I’ve been logging miles on RunningAhead since mid-June of 2008. Today, on a run with RH, I completed my 1,000th mile (i.e. the kilomile), which ended precisely (plus/minus) at GYT’s house, complete with finishing line tape, applause from a live studio audience (or a recording thereof), and donuts. More specifically, I had a Boston Creme filled donut and a curious red one that may have been a Red Sox themed donut. I stayed for the Boston Creme donut and had to take the red one to go but finished it on the run home. I go on these long stretches of donut cravings, which have recently been supplanted by a muffin craving. The inter-event intervals of muffin consumption (which is not some horrible muffin-related disease as the name may suggest) is far too long, since I feel like it must take a special occasion (like KRMS birthday surprise) to go to Wakefield MA and get muffins. Anyway, I feel strongly that there is a class of pastry related cravings that this runner has that actually can be satisfied by any member of the genus Pâtisserie, though sometimes the craving is specific, most often for Pâtisserie frittericus.

Oh, to anyone with whom I’ve run over the past kilomile, many thanks. I’ve run with dozens of people in that time for just a few miles and just once. I’ve run with a few people very long distances just a few times. And I’ve run with several people, short and long distances, many times. Here’s to a thousand more miles with you all. Let’s share a donut.

Some stats:
Apr 19 – Dec 6: 1000.8 miles (logged)
Total time: 168+ hours
Longest month: September, 235.3 miles
Shortest month: October, 50.6 miles (guess who overdid it in Sept?)
Longest single run: 63 miles


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