Running goals for the new year

Let’s look back at the last decade of running, shall we? Let’s make it a 12-year Doublewood, or else this decade’s running would really only include two years.

1998: I ran 4-8 miles each morning before school, which started at 8:30 am. It was the last time I was ever considered a morning person.
also 1998: I ran my second race in my life, a Twilite Fun Run 5K held by a local radio station. I spent the entire race chasing some 12 year old kid who was faster than I was. My first memorable race was actually in first grade, a footrace probably about 30 or 40 meters, and I slid into third place. It would be my only podium finish in my running history. Oh, there were three competitors.
1999-2007: I probably ran a good 50 times between 1999-2008.
2008: I logged 581.9 miles from June 15 to December 31. The longest run was 18 miles. The longest week was something in the 63 mile range.
2009: I’ve thus far logged 1,058.6 miles from April 19. Considering the weather report for the next couple of days, there’s little chance of logging very many more, since I go in these spurts of fighting the good fight against the weather and being ultralazy with it. Anyway, I paced for 53 miles (and ran about 63 miles) at the Vermont 100 miler and met some great folks. I went on to run the Vermont 50, my first official ultra, under pretty horrible conditions, and despite it being a frustrating experience, it was an incredibly rewarding one. 2009 Update: Total miles for the calendar year are 1,069, after today’s fun snow storm run!

My running goals for 2010 are, in no particular order:
1. Continue running healthy and consistently
2. I should be able to bag 1,500 miles from Jan 1 to Dec 31, if I can fulfill No. 1
3. Run Mt Washington Auto Road (7.6 Miles, +5,000 ft.)
4. Run (2) 50 Milers (Vermont and … ?)
5. Run (1) 100 Miler (Vermont?)

I feel like these are actually a reasonable set of goals. I came into the bitter cold of January of this year running sporadically, injured, and not logging miles from Jan to Apr. Here’s to a year of healthy running for all. See you on the trail!


2 thoughts on “Running goals for the new year

  1. sc Post author

    Thanks, I’m having a decent winter season right now, putting in some miles and keeping up the fitness. Maintenance is FAR easier than starting up — the major props go to you guys for that. We’ll run together next time we see each other!

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