About SC

Consider A Spherical Cow has evolved into a site mostly about programming in computational neuroscience. Possible other topics include jazz and western art music, constitutional law, early Christianity, running, and other sports such as football (soccer).

On all topics, there is a very good chance that I’m wrong. About nearly everything. But again, I welcome the conversation. Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

It dawned on me that certain people are looking for only certain sites that are interesting to them. Here are the options:

Geekery/Tech :: Technical computing and tutorials
Education :: Thinking about pedagogical issues.
Neuroscience :: Thinking about nervous systems and brains
Religion :: Developing my religious understanding, specifically in the context of Christianity
Running :: The addiction of running
Science :: Everything related to science
Sport :: The wide world of sports
The World :: Everything else — issues related to current events, society, etc.
Etc, etc, etc.
Archive :: A very few things that survived the transition from the award-winning precursor to this site (haha).
Music :: Let’s Call This, an external link to a music blag

Thanks for reading.